At Finney County Public Library

Are you interested in having a traditionally published mystery writer visit your library? Are you located in Kansas or, you know, nearish to Kansas? Then Steven J. Kolbe is your man!

I am offering a FREE one-hour class entitled, “How to Write a Mystery.” The class includes a presentation (see below), a novel outlining activity, and a Q&A with the author (me) about the process of writing a mystery novel and securing a publisher.

Sales display of my novel

My only request is that you allow me to sell copies of my novel, How Everything Turns Away, published this summer by The Wild Rose Press. I also wouldn’t object if you purchase a copy or two for your collection.

When I’m not writing mystery novels, I am a full-time English teacher at Holcomb High School (although my students call me “Mr. Miller” not “Mr. Kolbe”). I am also a more-than-full-time husband and father of three.

I’m very excited to bring my mystery writing class to your library. Contact me at if you’re interested and we can figure out a time for me to visit.

Me reading an excerpt.