On a cold spring night in a quiet suburb of Chicago, the vice president of an international social network is found stabbed to death. Is it suicide—or murder? The same night, Finnish heiress Nelya Kirsi disappears from an all-night masquerade on Lake Michigan. How are these incidents connected, and what did the dead man mean when he wrote that a group of South Pacific islanders had “rogued the durum”?

Aided by Lucia Vargas, a rookie detective who doesn’t know when to quit, and Fr. Remy Mbombo, a priest with a history he’s desperate to keep under wraps, FBI agent Ezra James takes on the case. He must work fast to uncover the truth before more people die. And if “rogued the durum” means what Ezra and Lucia fear, then the social network behind the tragedy is capable of anything.

Rogue the Durum explores what happens when social media giants place money, power, and domination above all else.

“If you’re looking for a good mystery to curl up with—whether it’s hot and humid outise or freezing with inches of snow on the ground—you won’t go wrong with HOW EVERYTHING TURNS AWAY.” -Randy Overbeck, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

“Entertaining and well-paced, if this is the first book in The Ezra James Series, I hope Kolbe keeps his promise and quickly produces the second.” Terry Korth Fischer, author of the Rory Naysmith Mysteries